Lab Diamond Certifications

What is Diamond Certification? 

A diamond certification, more commonly referred to as a diamond grading report or quality document, is an in-depth assessment of a diamond's many aspects. It consists of its size, clarity, hue, polish, symmetry and other factors that affect its value. The process involves an expert gemologist analysing it through close inspection with the use of a jeweller’s loupe, microscope and likewise tools. A comprehensive certificate is then prepared by these qualified professionals who provide a precise and impartial judgement of the stone.

Why is certification important?

An independent and reputable certification laboratory is essential if you want an unbiased assessment of a diamond's quality. By doing so, consumers can easily compare lab-grown diamonds on their specific parameters to know they're getting what they're paying for. The diamond industry widely accepts IGI's diamond grading reports for their accuracy, reliability, and impartiality.

More about IGI

IGI (International Gemological Institute) is the leading grading body in the diamond industry that provides specific gradings for the four Cs in lab-created diamonds. As the most popular lab-created diamond certifier, IGI is used by the majority of the lab market, ensuring consistency in grading. 

Certification Information

Diamond certification reports usually include the following information: 
Carat weight 
Cut grade (for round diamonds) 
Colour grade 
Clarity grade 
Polish grade 
Symmetry grade 
Measurements (diameter, depth, table, etc.) 
Proportions (crown height, pavilion depth, etc.) 
Fluorescence Comments or remarks 

The report may also include a diagram or plot of the diamond's inclusions, which are used as unique identifiers.

IGI laser inscribes the report number into the girdle of the diamond. This is easily verified with a magnification loop.

HOQ offers Certified Solitaires

House of Quadri recommends going with IGI Certified Diamond Solitaires to ensure authenticity and value. We provide IGI certification for diamonds above 1 ct. 

Make an informed choice

All in all, certification is an integral part of your comfort about the verification of the diamond you are choosing to wear. IGI certifications is the most trusted third-party diamond graders. Researchers have pointed out that these labs apply stricter standards and demonstrate more consistency than other grading organisations. Hence, relying on this certification gives one the certainty they need when considering a diamond purchase.