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HOQ believes that your diamonds should empower you, and we make sure we stick by our promise in more ways than one.

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Experience the excellence of HOQ’s dedication to precision. Meticulously chosen diamonds combined with intricate designs and high quality craftsmanship.

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Gifting a piece of custom fine jewelry allows you the opportunity to tell your story and share your love.

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We believe that luxury is a habit, and every day is diamond worthy. Because your diamonds define you - one of a kind, that shine in any light, and yes, easy on the conscience. And we bring you just that. From a spontaneous holiday with your girlfriends, to a high stakes meeting, to leaving your daughter with the perfect reminder of you.

Our cultured diamonds are a companion to your memories and a witness to your adventures. So go ahead, shine away, your diamonds will always match.

Many individuals have doubts that lab-grown diamonds are as real as the diamonds we procure from the natural mining process.


Many individuals have doubts that lab-grown diamonds are as real as the diamonds we procure from the natural mining process.

Lab-grown diamonds are produced, processed, and designed scientifically in the labs under the supervision of industry professionals. These diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties that are present in mined diamonds. Many diamond sellers and resellers in India are trading these magnificent lab-grown diamonds. But only a few authentic players in the market are providing a quality certificate issued by the governing bodies that confirm the purest form of the Diamond.

Diamonds are the signs of royalty, grace, class, sophistication, calmness, and dexterity. It speaks a lot about one’s personality, behaviour, and beliefs. Diamonds bring your inner beauty out, and that reflects in the smile on your face when you wear a beautiful piece of diamond.

We believe in offering heart-stealing diamond designs to our clients. You would love to buy our exquisite designs in rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. We have a wide range of distinctively edged and formed Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry in India.

We have spent decades in the market to understand the dynamic changes in the fashion and jewelry industry. Our team is technically skilled and professionally capable to offer you the desired customer services. While designing lab-grown diamonds, we always consider various factors to produce admiring diamond pieces of jewelry.

Are you always out of stock for new designs and collections of diamond ornaments? Then, you will no longer feel the same anymore because you can have a variety of designs and cuts on the lab-grown diamonds. You can flaunt your precious diamond necklace, earnings, and finger rings at parties, social gatherings, or gala occasions.

Our Collection

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

You can buy some coolest designs of finger rings made of pure lab-grown diamonds from us online. We have the finest collection of engagement ceremony ring designs, special occasion gift designs, party wear ring designs, and regular wear ring designs. Get The Best Deals On The Purchase!

Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

We are offering magnificent necklace designs made of Lab Grown Diamonds In India Online. Get various necklace designs on demand like; diamond cut design, heart shape design, round cut design, princess cut design, oval shape design, radiant cut design, and many more. We would love to bring a smile to your face as you wear our dazzling diamond necklace.

Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets

Our lab-grown diamond bracelets collection is superlative. You would love to explore them and make an extraordinary collection for yourself. Buy these consummate bracelets for any effective price range online.

Lab Grown Diamond Earrings

We have the finest collection of lab-grown diamond earrings for any occasion. India is a country full of festivals, and we love to celebrate every festival differently. So, you can bring home various diamond earring pairs to shine bright at any social event or even in professional meetings. You would always be the center of attraction.

Lab Grown Diamond Pendants

We offer unparalleled designs in lab-grown diamond pendants for women on demand. Get your pendant customized in size, cut, shape, color, and design as per your needs, desires, and expectations. Our craftsmen are experienced, technically sound, and up-to-date. Order Now!

House of Quadri believes that your diamonds should empower you and we make sure we stick by our promise in more ways than one.

  • Jewellery that sticks by you.
  • We offer a lifetime guarantee on our diamonds at 80% existing market rates. We got your back.
  • We never leave your side.
  • We provide lifetime maintenance and free cleaning, once a year. Yes, you read that right, you do the wearing, we do the cleaning.
  • Industry certified, top-notch standards.
  • We don’t ever want a flicker of doubt to worry you. We only offer GH VVS-VS stones, and our diamonds are IGI or GIA certified. You always know you’re getting the best.
  • Worth its weight in gold and more.
  • It’s not just the diamonds, you can choose between your choice of gold. Hallmarked, 18K or 14K. Know that you’re getting the finest of the fine.
  • We say it as it is.
  • We make sure the channels of communication between you and us are always honest and transparent. From material origins to labour standards, you have questions, we’re here to answer them. We know sometimes purchases are impulsive or not thought through which is why we have a full 30 day return policy. And we take it a notch further, you also have the option to upgrade your purchase where we buy back your original piece and you can instead choose something that really fits your bill.
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Product & Diamond FAQ

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with same carbon structure and chemical composition. A 'Lab Diamond' is exactly like a Natural Diamond, except instead of mining it from the Earth, they are grown in a lab.

They sparkle the same, have the same types of colour and clarity, and can come in the same sizes and shapes. In fact, they offer excellent value and are more affordable than natural ones of comparable quality and size.

Two important reasons to choose a lab diamond are origin & value. Rest assured that your diamond did not result in the funding of conflict in a war-torn country, nor did it require leaving a mile-wide hole in the ground. Also objectively, diamonds grown above the Earth are more pure than "dirt diamonds", blasted out of the Earth with dynamite and diesel. Compared to diamonds grown in the chaos under the Earth, diamonds grown by mankind have fewer defects and less strain in the crystal structure.

Quite simply, the more pure the diamond, the better, brighter, and whiter the gemstone.

Most of HOQs white lab diamonds receive the highest purity rating of Type IIa whereas less than 2% of mined diamonds receive the coveted IIa purity rating.

Lab diamonds receive grading reports from independent gemological organisations on the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Just like in mined diamonds, lab diamonds will exhibit variations across the 4Cs and range from poor to superlative quality. Not all lab diamonds are perfect, colorless, and flawless!

The simple answer is that the mined diamond industry, from the industrial miners all the way to retailers, fear the coming disruption of laboratory-grown diamonds.

The oligopoly of diamond mining creates artificial scarcity and continues to stymie the growth of this new age diamond. Part of that effort involves spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt about lab diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are created using an advanced technology whereas natural diamonds are mined from under the surface of the earth. Lab diamonds do not incur the expense of mining,
transportation and artificial created scarcity and hence are free from the high mark-ups. Literally diamonds
that don’t cost the earth.

We only offer G+ VVS-VS stones, and our 1ct+ lab diamonds are IGI/GIA certified. The gold is 18K and BIS Hallmarked. You always know you’re getting the best.

Well, Quadri in Italian means diamonds (like in a suit of cards); also referring to 4 corners - think quadri-lateral. Hence, House of Quadri indicates house of diamonds. :)

We know that selling diamond jewellery begins with trust. The founding team has significant experience in diamond jewellery mfg for several years. Our customer reviews will also validate our attention to detail. Moreover we're just a WhatsApp message or phone call away from answering all your queries. Ping Us!

Orders & Payments

Ordering on is easy and safe. Once you select a product, click on the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Schedule a Call’ button and follow further directions. Your order will not be placed until the very end of the checkout process when you will be asked for your payment method. You may also order over the phone by calling or messaging on +919819086344.

House of Quadri accepts all major credit cards, debit cards & net banking. For any further queries please contact Customer Care at +919819086344.

Each item is customised and made to order. It takes 3 weeks for your product to get manufactured and further 2 days for PAN India free shipping. Select gift items which are available in stock can be delivered in 3 days.

Shipping is secured and insured till you receive the item. We use only reputed precious good shipment partners such as Sequel Logistics and BVC.

Care & Repair

To maintain the shine of your 18k gold jewel, scrub it lightly with a soft-bristled brush using warm water and detergent-free soap. Then, buff gently with a clean cloth. 

Do not use steam or ultrasonic cleaners, as this can cause damage. Store your pieces in a safe, dry place when not worn to protect them from the elements of daily exposure.
Our white gold pieces are rhodium plated for extra shine and durability

We can change the ring size +/- by one. Other repairs are case to case and we need to inspect the piece before we can undertake the same. The cost of such repairs will be informed to you prior to its completion.

Returns & Exchange

We know sometimes purchases are impulsive or not thought through which is why we have a full 15 day return policy. And we take it a notch further, you also have the option to upgrade your purchase where we buyback your original piece and you can instead choose something that really fits your bill.

Yes, we offer a lifetime exchange/buyback on our diamonds at 80% of existing prevailing market rates.