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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is safe and risk-free to buy diamond rings online. Our website is User-Friendly yet secured to protect you against any external harm or fraudulent activities.

House of Quadri is trusted by 100+ clients across India. We offer a wide range of solitaire rings in different sizes and shapes, and if you want to customize your ring we help you to do that too.

Every diamond ring design is unique and precious for its existence. It depends on your needs and choices which shape of diamond ring you want to purchase. 

Lab-grown diamonds are as real as the diamonds mined from the mines. But these diamonds are more pocket-friendly than the usual ones. You can set a budget, and we will customize a beautiful diamond into an eye-catching ring frame. 

Though you can buy diamond rings any time in the year festive season is considered to be the best time to invest in diamonds. Festival season has arrived, and you can get benefited by buying adorable diamond rings for your loved ones online.