Solitaire Earrings


Solitaire Earrings are an elegant piece of jewellery featuring one breathtaking diamond in each earring, giving each pair its signature look. Their timeless and classic aesthetic sets these studs apart; focussing on one beautiful gemstone at a time truly distinguishes this earring style from any other!

At the House of QUADRI, quality is taken very seriously. We source our diamonds from reliable suppliers and select each for its exceptional cut, clarity, carat weight and overall brilliance.

Absolutely! At Diamond Earrings Direct, we recognize that personal style can vary considerably and offer customization options for many of our Solitaire Earrings.

All diamonds we purchase come from suppliers who abide by stringent ethical standards that guarantee they are conflict-free and mined responsibly, and we promote sustainable practices within the diamond industry.

Clean them regularly for maximum shine and longevity using a soft-bristled brush and mild soapy water solution. Also, avoid harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures or surfaces which abrasively rub against them.