12 Diamond Jewellery Gift Ideas for your Wife

It is no secret that women adore diamond Jewellery, it is truly a symbol of never ending love. Jewellery as a gift always works, whether it is a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. With so many options available online it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

House of Quadri’s  contemporary solitaire diamond Jewellery may be the perfect present you’re searching for. Here are some selected options that you should consider before making your choice.

Modern Jewellery Gift Ideas for your Wife

Stellar Eternal Semi Solitaire Studs

Stellar Eternal Semi Solitaire Studs - House of Quadri

These 1/2 ct solitaire studs are an everyday need. Set in a traditional four-prong setting with a lovely leaf base. Make it a part of your everyday diamond style, or give it to a loved one as an eternal present. If you're wondering how trendy they are, go no further than fashion-setter.

Priced only at INR 49,500, Every item is unique and handcrafted to order. Center solitaires can be customized to your liking. Whenever available, we give complimentary engraving such as a date/number.

Askew Mini Cluster Studs

Askew Mini Cluster Studs House of Quadri

The romanticism and elegance that these stunning earrings exemplify will set your wife different, you will start a trend, and the design will exalt the innocent. Priced at INR 97,900, these small Cluster Studs are made of 1/3 ct mini solitaires in various shapes.

These clustered diamonds are arranged at an inward angle to maximize light reflection. A simple and beautiful finishing touch. It will perfectly blend with your wife's outfit. 

Emra Solitaire Halo Earrings

Emra Solitaire Halo Earrings House of Quadri

The center stones in the Solitaire Halo Studs are 3/4 ct. These jaw-dropping classic studs encircled by a prominent halo are top jewellery gift for wife that increase their appearance by 40%.

A tiny drop earring may be precisely what you're searching for if you want something simple but with a little length. Drop earrings are generally stationary and dangle below the earlobe, similar to an extended stud earring. These look perfect when worn with both formal and occasionally worn outfits. 

Stellar Classic Tennis Bracelet

Stellar Classic Tennis Bracelet House of Quadri

Suppose you are looking for a jewellery gift for wife that promises distinctive style and quality. Color and style, then, this bracelet is a must-buy. This 3.60 ct bracelet is full of eternity, studded end-to-end with 0.08 ct diamonds set in a traditional 4 prong setting.

Available at INR 172,500, it is worth buying for its cost. It can make you stand out; no one will be able to ignore it, and your wife will receive several praises.

The InterStellar Bracelet

The InterStellar Bracelet House of Quadri

This Interstellar bracelet is the ultimate diamond ornamentation, with a cluster of brilliant cut diamonds as the centerpiece. With INR 136,000, this luxury bracelet is adjustable to three lengths to provide the optimum fit and can be worn alone or stacked with other designs for a distinctive statement.

The InterStellar Bracelet embodies this spaced diamond motif. This unusual design includes 1/4 ct stones paired with smaller diamonds to give it an eternity effect. 

Stellar 2 Layered Arrayed Solitaire Necklace

Stellar 2 Layered Arrayed Solitaire Necklace House of Quadri

Allow the beauty of this necklace to add sparkle to your wife's everyday jewellery. When your wife wears this necklace as part of a great stack, it gives a contemporary, minimalist look. The 2 Layered Necklace comprises a 1-carat solitaire pendant and a smaller 1/4-carat stone.

This tiny necklace works well for every day and evening use making it perfect jewellery gift for wife. This flexible chain station necklace is a beach gem for all seasons, great for softening up your tailored ensembles.

Set on yellow-gold vermeil and adorned with lustrous white pearls that look excellent from any aspect. It is available at INR 190,000.

Stellar Solitaire Drop Necklace

Stellar Solitaire Drop Necklace House of Quadri

This flexible chain necklace with white pearls is a perfect example of how silver feels right now. These beautiful small ovals are shiny and fresh and feel smooth against the skin.

This is a must-have for the most trendy jewellery boxes. It's cool, modern, and infinitely flexible. This necklace, with INR 185,000, is an essential accessory that can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion. Therefore, make it a best jewellery gift for wife.

It is a traditional 1 ct solitaire pendant with diamond drops and tiny stones. This dainty necklace, a variation of the conventional single-stone pendant, will look fabulous for everyday wear and evenings out.

Emra 5 Stone Unity Necklace

Emra 5 Stone Unity Necklace House of Quadri

The Unity necklace has five 1/2 ct solitaires. This necklace has a random cluster aspect and is well-balanced with smaller diamonds on the chain sides. It is available at INR 152,000 and looks fabulous when worn.

The necklace's unique design looks outstanding when worn with any outfit. Also, it adds glamor and shine when paired with diamond earrings.

Askew Ellipses Ring

Askew Ellipses Ring House of Quadri

Is your wife fond of rings? This fantastic ring at INR 128,000 is a worthy Jewellery gift for your wife. The Ellipses Ring is set with a magnificent 1-carat angular pear-shaped solitaire surrounded by a prong halo.

The Pear shaped diamond has a wider spread for the same carat weight. The asymmetrical, diamond-studded shank rounds out this robust and modern design. All these features are what make these rings a must-buy.

Askew Vertical Gap Ring

Askew Vertical Gap Ring House of Quadri

Available at INR 148,000, this one makes a bold statement. This vertical gap ring with 1/3 ct stones will increase your wife's style quotient. The modern beauty is distinguished by an asymmetrical diamond combination within this ring, making it a perfect buy. This shimmery ring looks adorable when worn in any of the functions. 

Stellar Crossover Halo Ring

Stellar Crossover Halo Ring House of Quadri

The Crossover Solitaire has a 1ct centre stone with a traditional halo. At the bottom, the two studded shanks join into one. These rings with magnificent streaming diamonds flow softly around the centre stone. Jewellery designers designed the band as a new alternative to typical halo engagement rings.

Flowing ribbons of articulated bead set diamonds to swirl around the ring, ascending to encircle the central diamond, which looks best. You can get this ring for INR 141,600. This is one of the most impressive pieces of jewellery to buy. 

Askew Pear Eternity Ring

Askew Pear Eternity Ring House of Quadri

It is available at INR 197,500. This amazing ring is the best gift to show your divine love to your partner. This eternity has 1/3 ct pear shape stones tastefully placed in alternating opposing ends as a symbol of never-ending love.

The ring is in 18Kt rose gold, but you can also have it in white or yellow gold. This ring works excellent when stacked with essential tennis or a single standout bracelet.

Ending Up!

We trust that your search to find the best jewellery gift for your wife hold value here. Needless to say, all the above options are best to gift, no matter the occasion.

If you want to consider any of the above, House of Quadri has you covered with quality, easy returns, certifications and buybacks. We bring you the ultimate selection of jewellery that are beautiful, affordable, versatile and time tested. Feel free to explore our website and get in touch to get your perfect partner the perfect present!